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Children Aged Seven Struggling To Grasp The 3 Rs

According to official figures, children’s grasp of the 3 Rs is at its worst in a decade, despite significant investment in early education.

One in five seven year olds – nearly 105,000 – failed to reach the writing standard for their age.  One in six – about 84,000 – failed to reach the standard in reading; and one in ten – 58,700 – failed to make the grade in maths.

A solid foundation in these areas in the early years of education is crucial to a child’s success later in life.  Ministers of the Coalition Government are now planning to introduce a new reading text for six year olds to help identify struggling pupils earlier.

The Schools Minister, Nick Gibb, highlighted the ‘unacceptable’ gap in attainment between rich and poorer areas.  It claims that better-off parents can increase the chances of their child getting into a top school by numerous means including moving house.  Although extra funds for teaching deprived pupils has been promised, is there more that could be done at home?
The 3 Rs are fully supported by The Student Support Centre’s ‘simply’ maths, English and reading home tuition programmes. The programmes comprise of books and DVDs, allowing students to work through them at their own pace in the comfort and privacy of their own home, whilst supporting and consolidating what they are learning at school.

The ‘simply’ programmes are directly based on the requirements of the National Curriculum, with each topic being broken down into short lessons, which allows students to rewind and review the material as many times as necessary.

Published by Daily Mail Reporter on 26th August 2010

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