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Christmas Shopping

giving a gift at christmas


Present shopping isn’t just for parents and Santa, children will reach the point where they want to buy presents for their friends, their family and even you.  So how do you manage the budget and give them enough freedom to purchase something for you?

It depends on the age of your child and whether they get pocket money or an allowance.  You may decide to give your child a lump sum to spend, then let them work out how to budget for all the presents they want to buy.

You might also encourage your child pre-Christmas to save some of their pocket-money for presents, or give them extra chores or jobs to add to their present fund.


If your child is generous of spirit it can often mean they’re also generous with giving, which is lovely, but it can rack up a hefty bill.  Encourage them to set a clear budget.

As they get older, get them to look out for three-for-two offers, bogofs (buy-one-get-one-free) and bargain retailers or online sites like BrandAlley, Groupon, Wowcher and even eBay.

The sales now also start pre-Christmas and you can show them how to use a price comparison site if one gift is more expensive.

You can also use sites like TopCashback to make their money stretch further – although you may need to set the account up in your name.

Make the presents

Making gifts is also a great way to keep costs down. From hot chocolate reindeer cones to candles, necklaces, chocolates, or biscuits.  No one can turn down a box of handmade truffles!

Batch recipes are best for this and allow a large quantity of biscuits or sweets to be made in one go.  This way you can get them all done in one day, ready to decorate and wrap.

If sweets aren’t your thing jars of chutney are also a great gift.

Making handmade tags also makes the gifts feel special.

Replace presents with offers of help

Who says a present has to be an actual thing?  Why not swap the present for a card with a voucher inside for each member of the family?

A voucher for a month’s worth of doing the washing up, a homemade spa session or breakfast in bed are all lovely gifts to treasure.

10 ‘mowings’ of the lawn, three-months of keeping the car clean, inside and out or a month of running errands could all be welcome gifts too.

Get your kids to be creative – what do they like to do that they’d be willing to ‘give’ to Mum, Dad, Nana or Grandpa?

And if you do get a voucher from your child, make sure someone keeps track of their activities and that everyone remembers it’s a gift, not a chore.

So with just 2 weeks to go before Christmas, let’s get creative.