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Easy hair styles and how to do them

plaiting hair

If your child will sit still long enough to let you brush their hair, you may just have enough time to try some of these great hairstyles that are super easy and don’t require a degree to understand!  

Looped bunches  

A great style for school and for Summer as it keeps the hair off their face and out of their food!  Start by separating the hair in two, draw a line with your finger from the middle of their nose to make sure it’s even and take down to the nape of the neck. Take one side and brush into a ponytail on top of their head. On the last turn of the band, pull the hair through to create a loop. Leave enough of the ends out that you can wrap around the band and pin with a bobby pin. Do the same on the other side. For added cuteness tie with big ribbons.

Flicked through ponytail 

You may remember having a pull through loop stick when you were younger.  Essentially a stick with a loop through the top First, separate the hair into four sections from top to bottom and tie in a band as you go – you’ll end up with four ponytails on top of each other.  


Take your pull through stick and place it at the top of the first band and pull the ponytail through. Then, take the next pony, with the rest of the top pony and pull though working your way down to the last pony.  Done!

Plaited bun 

Buns are super versatile and one easy way to make them look more interesting is by making them a plaited bun, this works best with quite long hair 


First, pull the hair into a high ponytail and fasten with a band.  Then, split the hair into three and plait until the end and fit with a band.  Then, simply wrap the hair around the ponytail and fasten with bobby pins.  


If you want to make it fancier, once you’ve plaited the hair pull out each side of the plait to make a fan style plait and then fasten around the ponytail for a rose style bun. 

French plait 

These can seem scary, but practice makes perfect.  Start at the front of the head with a small section in the middle.  Split this into three and so your first braid, right over middle, left over middle.  


To turn it into a French plait, take an extra small section from the right, add it to your existing right strand of hair and braid to the middle.  Do the same with the left, taking a small section of hair, add it to your existing lefthand strand and braid to the middle.  Keep going until you reach the nape of the neck then plait as usual.  


This is a great way to keep flyaway strands tidy.