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Family succeeding already

We regularly get feedback from parents and students on the programme and here is a comment we received just a couple of weeks ago


“I attended my sons parents evening last night and was delighted to learn that he is progressing very well in his Maths and English.  This is a positive improvement since he has been undertaking the education support programme, even though he has only been working on it for a couple of weeks now.


Last Saturday he asked if he could do the next DVD rather than going to his sports morning – He has never opted to work on learning as opposed to doing sports before – this just proves how much he loves using the programme and is happy to do this at weekend with mum and dad. 


It is important that parents take the time to go through this with their children as it can be a fun family activity rather than the children being expected to work through it on their own, especially when they are very young and new to the programme.


He finds the DVDs fun and is able to pick up very quickly the lessons – he has mastered his 2 times table now as well, and will be moving on to the next one very soon.


He loves the box of tools that help with the lessons and finds them interesting and fun to learn with.


I am so pleased we decided to go with the programme and am delighted that we are already seeing the benefits – we are looking forward to the next 6 months where we hope the improvements will be huge.


Thank you very much”