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Parents & Carers FAQ

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We often get asked questions from parents and carers interested in our ‘simply’ maths, English and reading programmes.


We understand that your time is precious so to help you make the best use of your time we’ve made a list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

What exactly is your programme?

It is a carefully structured maths, English and reading tuition programme for use at home. The teaching is provided on DVDs with follow up exercises after each lesson to consolidate what has been learned.

How much does your programme cost?

The cost of the programme is very much structured around each family’s particular circumstances and will vary considerably depending on the number of children in a family, their ages and current attainment levels and of course, how much of the programme the parents choose to take. However, you may purchase the programme from as little as £1650.


To make the programme affordable to everyone, and because it is a long term learning course, you are able to spread these payments interest free, which works out at just £10.58 per week.


The average family spends £3025 making it £63.02 a month or £14.54 per week. When you consider that this programme belongs to the family and can be used by all the children at no extra cost, providing a solid foundation that will support their learning right throughout their schooling, this represents exceptional value for money.

Does your programme support the National Curriculum?

Yes, our ‘simply’ programmes are 100% aligned with the National Curriculum. The ‘simply’programmes help parents understand in more detail the content and practices of the education system, SATS and the National Curriculum in both primary and secondary schools across the UK.

How is your programme different to a private tutor?

Our ‘simply’ programmes are different because every ‘simply’ programme is delivered as a complete set of lessons up front. Your ‘simply’ programme will be available to you 24 hours a day every day for all the children in your family to use again and again as much as they need to in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


We recognise that few parents may be able to afford this level of support from a private tutor.


Other benefits that our ‘simply’ programmes provide:

  • Fits in with family life
  • 100% UK National Curriculum based
  • Develops your knowledge on teaching methods used in schools today
  • Boosts your children’s confidence and enthusiasm
  • Every ‘simply’ programme is based on your children’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Builds a solid foundation for academic success
  • Lets your children work at their own pace with no peer pressure
How long will the programme last?

Our ‘simply’ programmes will normally take your child through to a specific Key Stage or to GCSE.


The length of time it takes to complete your ‘simply’ programme is, of course, dependant on how many parts and volumes you choose to purchase.


However, this is dependent on each family’s particular circumstances and will vary considerably depending on the number of children in a family, their ages and current achievement levels.

Can we stop and re-start using the programme at any time?

Yes, your ‘simply’ programme is yours to use, as you feel appropriate, although we would strongly recommend introducing a regular study routine for each child.


Only watch one or at the most two lessons a week, but if you need to stop for a brief period that’s fine, although remember that your ‘simply’ programme is there to help your children reach their full learning potential.

Is everything explained clearly and fully to the parents?

Our Course Advisors explain everything extremely clearly and accurately as part of the assessment visit.

Am I expected to help my child with their work at home?

Many parents choose to watch the lessons with their children but older children can watch the lessons and complete the exercises on their own. You will not need to help your child but you will need to mark the exercises (full answers are provided in the back of the textbooks).


It is very important to encourage your children to use the ‘simply’ programme. We provide every programme with The Ladder of Success wall chart to help you keep track of your children’s progress.


By filling in the ladder every time 90% or more is achieved for every lesson, this will help boost your children’s confidence and motivate them ready to move onto the next lesson.

Can I receive some more information?

Of course you can. As our ‘simply’ programmes uses audio visual teaching methods, our advice is always that it really needs to be seen first hand in order to be certain that it is right for you and your family. Contact Us Here