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We often get asked questions from schools interested in our ‘simply’ maths, English and reading programmes.


To help you make the best use of your time, you can browse through the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Who is The Student Support Centre?

The Student Support Centre opened its doors in 1991 and has since become the largest provider of home-based tuition programmes in the UK. We have helped over 200,000 children boost their confidence and learning skills in the classroom and at home.

What are the ‘simply’ programmes?

Our ‘simply’ programmes come as a series of user-friendly DVD lessons that can be watched again and again in the comfort of your own home and provide home-based tuition and support for children aged between 4 – 17 years old.


The ‘simply’ programmes may be a more cost effective alternative to private tutors for supporting learning in maths, English and reading.


They have been designed to mirror the way in which children are taught in schools, based on the National Curriculum requirements and use the teaching methods and terminology currently recommended for use in schools.

How does the school get involved?

All we ask schools to do is distribute information leaflets to parents offering the choice to request further information. We do not ask schools in anyway to endorse or recommend our‘simply’ programmes.

What happens after the distribution?

There is no involvement for the school once we have collected the replies. All further communication is between The Student Support Centre and the interested parent.

So what happens if a parent expresses an interest?

Once we receive a reply slip from an interested family we then contact them and provide them with more detailed information on what The Student Support Centre does.


At this point parents can request to take a closer look at our materials and how we work with our families.


We like to see the family as a whole, as we understand the level of commitment needed to get the most benefit from the ‘simply’ programmes and we feel strongly that everyone needs to be part of the decision making process.


Having seen the ‘simply’programmes and had the opportunity to ask any questions they may have, the family will then be in a position to decide whether it is right for them.

Will parents come into school with questions or comments?

We have a free-phone line (0800 999 6 999) dedicated to answering any questions they may have in order to pre-empt any need for parents to visit the school.

We have a comprehensive homework policy. Will your ‘simply’ programmes conflict with this?

We do not provide homework. Our ‘simply’ programmes is a home-based teaching resource designed to reinforce and support the work the child has already covered in school.


Just as they would with a private tutor, children will work for about half an hour at a time, once or twice a week, at a time that fits in with their other commitments. We always tell families that homework comes first.

We have support materials on our learning platform. Why would parents need your ‘simply’ programmes?

Most learning platforms provide opportunities to consolidate and practise the areas children are currently working on at school.


The Student Support Centre lessons are designed to go back and re-visit, reinforce and promote understanding where learning is insecure.


The‘simply’ programmes appeal to those families who might consider employing a private tutor, or perhap, are already doing some other form of extra work with their children at home.


At around half the cost and available to all the family every day of the week, our ‘simply’programmes offer a flexible and affordable alternative.

Why should we distribute advertising materials for a commercial company?

The Student Support Centre wants to work with schools. We want schools to know what we are offering to the parents of their pupils.


We pride ourselves on being an ethical company providing a high quality educational product to families who want extra support for their children and are willing and able to make the commitment, both of time and money, to do so.


If schools were not happy with the company or our ‘simply’ programmes we provide, we would not feel comfortable asking them to distribute our leaflets.

Do your assessments result in the parents being told the NC level their child is working at?

No. Our in-home assessments are designed to find their level of confidence in maths, English and reading. In the short time we spend with families we cannot and would not wish to make a judgement about a child’s level of achievement.


Parents have clear information from the school as to their child’s progress and express an interest in our ‘simply’ programmes only where they wish to do something positive at home, in support of the work being done in school.