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Get Crafty!

Easter is coming and it’s Easter Egg time. However, if you’re trying to eat healthier, the idea of tons of chocolate might be something you want to avoid. So what do you give for Easter? And more to the point, what will the kids get for the family?

Time to get crafty! Look for your local hobby store and check out their Easter section (most of them will have one). You’ll find a treasure trove of Easter bounty.

Fillable eggs

Polystyrene, papier maché and plastic eggs all ready to decorate and fill. This gives you two activities – one to decorate the eggs (and what grandparent won’t treasure an egg made by their wonderful grandchild?) and then there’s the decision about what to put inside.

Fillings don’t have to be edible – or, at least, don’t ALL have to be edible. If the egg is for a big sister maybe hair clips or pretty ribbons, if for a brother then stickers or badges. Encourage them to be creative with what they put inside these very personal gifts.

Easter bonnets

If they’re not doing this at school, get a plain hat and go crazy with paper flowers and pompoms! Teach your kids how to make pompoms and you’ll keep them happy for hours. Remember that to make Easter chicks you’ll need lots of yellow wool – and maybe some orange pipe cleaners (legs) and felt (beaks).

If you have older children, maybe suggest an Easter get together with friends to design their ‘bonnets’ (you might have to call them hats to avoid the ‘uncool’ name).

Give them fabric scraps, fabric glue, pins, needles, thread and tissue paper and scissors (younger ones will need more supervision with sharp items of course!). If you’re a dressmaker, don’t give them your best dressmaking shears if you don’t want to see them being used to cut tissue paper!

If bonnets seem uncool for older kids, what about having a ‘design your perfect baseball cap’ session?

Novelty eggs

Learn how to marble eggs, or buy plain white china eggs in eggcups to paint. There are demonstrations in some hobby stores.

Of course, if you really can’t, you could also decorate a plain chocolate egg. This might be something more suitable for slightly older kids unless you are up for preventing little sweet-tooths nibbling some of the presents! There are plenty of online videos showing how to make sugar flowers (although you might need some cutters).

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits

Who can resist a cheeky Easter bunny? There are plenty of options in most good hobby stores from papier maché forms to paint or felt bunnies to dress up. You can get big bunnies, which are easier for smaller fingers to decorate – and small bunnies that make cute BFF gifts.

Whatever you decide to do, there’ll be an exciting visit to your local hobby shop, a fun session making the presents and the thrill of giving gifts that are made with love.