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Get raving!

Newcastle is just one place that has launched raves for kids! If you’ve got a mental image of teens zoning out to electronic music – stop right there. These are pyjama raves and they are for much younger kids.

These pyjama raves are aimed at encouraging children to incorporate reading into their lives from a very early age. They take place on a weekend afternoon and the kids do their daily activities from waking up to going to bed – and telling stories is an integral part of the process.

Parents and children are together in a fun environment and sharing learning is a wonderful way to make it just part of everyday life.

Parents report that their youngsters’ language skills improve and they communicate better – even for very young children.

So, if you don’t live anywhere near a Rave – how about setting one up in your area?

What age groups do you want to cover? Then start planning the activities. Do you want to do a pyjama rave or an animal rave, a onesie extravaganza or a themed rave – princesses and monsters or superheroes? The theme needs to be appropriate for the age group.

You will probably need to carry out a risk assessment and ensure that health and safety issues are addressed, but don’t let that stop you from creating a fun event.

What do you need?

  • A space big enough for the number of people you expect – this could be a school hall, village hall or other community facilities
  • Mats for activities on the floor
  • Something for everyone to sit on (perhaps encourage people to dig out their old floor cushions and bean bags – don’t ask  parents to sit on kids chairs, they are simply not comfortable!)
  • Plenty of story-books – or ask people to bring their child’s favourites and share
  • A plan for what will happen during the Rave – include music and movement, of course – but if an activity is working well, be flexible
  • You’ll need a means of playing music loud enough so everyone can hear (but not loud enough to damage their ear-drums). You might also find a head-mic is useful so announcements don’t go unnoticed in the excitement.
  • Enough people to supervise – even though parents are involved, you’ll need a few willing helpers to ensure everyone remains safe and happy
  • Plenty of water or other drinks to keep everyone hydrated. Get creative and add balloons, glow sticks, maybe a ball pond (if you can resource one), Raves can be fun for all ages and, even if parents are there for their children, they’ll secretly enjoy the rave atmosphere too!