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Half term outdoor fun


children playing with pumpkins


October half-term is a great chance to get away, with holidays being significantly cheaper than the summer months, but the weather isn’t always as promising.  Here are our tips for getting the kids outdoors during the autumn holiday.

Splash zone

Few things will make a child happier than the chance to have free rein with a bunch of puddles and no one to tell them they can’t splash. It’s also a really simple and free way to keep younger kids entertained.


Obviously, puddles rely on rain, but there’s nothing stopping you creating your own puddle maze in the garden – think of it as an autumn splash park replacing swimsuits with wellie boots. You can play jumping games, see who can make the biggest splash and even see who can make the best footprint stomping in the mud.

Pooh sticks

If you’re of a certain generation, I’m sure you’ll remember playing pooh sticks on a bridge with your friends or parents.  Nothing complicated here, just gather a bunch of sticks and stand on a bridge over a river or stream. Then together drop them on one side of the bridge and wait to see whose gets to the other side first.  If it’s a shallow stream you can always walk down it and follow your stick to see whose really does go the furthest.

Bubble fun

Kids love bubbles, but most parents wince at the site of another bubble pot, knowing that within minutes there’ll be more bubble liquid on their shoes than in the bubble wand!


In the colder Autumn months, the last thing you want is sticky shoes and cold hands holding the bubbles. Instead, tape the bubble mix holder to a pole, the washing line, or the side of the shed. Then the kids can hold the wand and dip it in the pot without the risk of any spills. They can even keep their gloves on.