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Lunchbox ideas

If your child has a packed lunch for school it can be a never-ending battle of giving them something they will eat versus what the school advises.  What you can pack in relation to allergies in the school, not to mention cost. In short, it’s not easy.

We’ve come up with some handy ideas that won’t break the bank and will hopefully tick the flavour boxes for the kids.


Sandwiches every day can get boring for the best of us, even with different fillings in them.  Wraps can be a great alternative and work with almost anything. They’re even great with leftovers from fajitas to a roasted veggie mix.

The key thing to remember is that they need some form of sauce, there’s nothing worse than a dry wrap.  The other great thing about wraps is that they tend to come in a resealable pack which means you can freeze them and just pick one out when you need them.

A handy tip is to put a sheet of baking paper between each one so it’s easy to pick out and defrost one wrap, rather than them breaking off as you try and peel one out.


Most kids love the power of assembling their own lunch. Crackers give them a great base and can be topped by lots of different things.

Crackers themselves also come in lots of different flavours, meaning there is plenty of choice.  Split lunchboxes are great for creating lots of little compartments to add chutney or cheese or ham or veggies or grapes.


Pasta salad can also make a great change and can also be a great way to get in some hidden veggies.

If your kids like cold pasta salad, you can add anything and everything, from cheese to ham to veggies to pineapple and prawns.

Pasta bowties with peas is also a great lunch – simply add defrosted frozen peas and pesto to cooked bowtie pasta.  If they don’t like green pesto, try red pesto made with red peppers, it’s sweeter. Or use a hidden veggie tomato sauce as a base to coat the pasta and add in chopped ham and sweetcorn.

Sandwich cutters

It may sound simple, but sandwich cutters are a great way of making sandwiches fun. A sandwich in the shape of a heart or a favourite character is far more interesting than a normal sandwich.

You can buy cutters online and they’re relatively cheap. Or just get creative with your knife skills!