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Making a Christmas card for your Teacher


candle christmas card

The secret of making your own Christmas cards is to make them personal. Take some time to think about what you want to say to your teacher and then design a card that sends that message really clearly and simply.
Remember that a picture speaks a thousand words, so first think about the picture you need. But how do you decide what to use?

  • What does he or she teach you maths, English, dance etc.
  • Are they kind and cuddly or tough and business like?
  • Do they like cats or dogs best?

Now think about what message you want to send them. Here are some ideas, but think of your own for the teacher.

  • Thank you for helping me this year – 2016 in a Christmas setting
  • I love your subject too – a picture relevant to the subject?
  • I hope you have a lovely Christmas – a Christmas picture?
  • I enjoy your classes –a picture of you smiling?

Now think about a picture that they will like and that will send that message loud and clear.
Then decide if you are going to make your card using a computer and something like Microsoft PowerPoint, before printing it out, or do it straight onto a piece of card – you can get card in many colours from any good art or craft shop and there are lots of them around.
First of all divide the outside of your card into 2 halves. The right side will be the main front of the card and so should have all the pictures and words for the front of the card in that half. The left had side will be the back can be left blank, unless you want to wrap a picture right around the card.
Now find your picture – are you going to draw it yourself, find an image on the internet (with mum or dad’s help if necessary) or take a photo yourself and use that?
Whatever method you decide to use, start with the picture first and either transfer that onto a fairly thick piece of card, or copy and paste it into to the PowerPoint.
Now think about the words for the outside and for the inside too.
Are you going to just say “Happy Christmas” on the outside or are you going to write something a little more personal like “Have a very Happy Christmas Miss Johnson”? Then either built that text up in PowerPoint, or write it onto the card with the image printed on it.
Now for the inside.
Again divide the inside in half as well. On the inside, the left half is usually blank, the right half is for the message you are going to write
There a lots of options for this. Here are some ideas

  • write a little poem or verse – look at Christmas cards in the shops and see what they have in them for examples, but remember to make it personal for your teacher
  • add some more pictures, perhaps of you or your class friends so she can see who has sent it
  • be creative and do something a little unusual such as showing your maths teacher something difficult you have learned this year so she can see that you understood what she taught you
  • write the message in a foreign language you are learning, such as French for your French teacher (hint: it’s always worth checking what you have written with someone else, just to be sure it is right!)

Add in the inside text to a 2nd page of the PowerPoint, or by writing it on the other side of the card, but remember to make sure you put it in the correct half of the inside page, for when you print it out double sided!
Once you have printed it out, or finished drawing and writing it, find a nice envelope and address it to your teacher and maybe even add a small drawing to it.
Now you’re good to go, with a personalised card that will really mean something to your teacher. How much better than a shop card is that?