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Mercy Mission to Bangladesh

YOUNGSTERS in Bangladesh are to receive support during a week-long visit by volunteers helping a charity improve education in impoverished schools.


Marketing manager Sarah Noel-Tod, 28, from The Student Support Centre, in Church Avenue, Beckenham and her colleague Darren Tye, 41, took textbooks and other resources when they left for Nalitabari, a remote part of Northern Bangladesh, on Sunday.


The pair will be accompanied by representatives from the charity World Vision and a film crew as they tour local schools and talk to teachers. Sarah said: “It’s been a complete rollercoaster trying to get ready for a trip and I am really excited”.


“Although I have worked with charities overseas before I have never been to Bangladesh so this will be a steep learning curve. I can’t wait.”


She added: “As well as meeting some of the children that we sponsor we will be speaking to parents at primary and secondary schools-we want to bring them up to speed.”



Published in the Bromley Times on Thursday, 11 November, 2010