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Nutty snacks

nutty snack


If you had a pumpkin over Hallowe’en, you’ll have a whole heap of seeds that you could have thrown away, or maybe kept to make a seed necklace.  However, did you know they make a great, nutritious snack?


Seeds and nuts are tasty and nutritious snacks. Just remember, you might not be able to take these to school due to allergies, so always double check.


Spiced pumpkin seeds

First clean your pumpkin seeds to make sure none of the pumpkin is still attached. Dry them with a paper towel and put them in a bowl.


In another bowl mix salt, pepper, cumin, Worcester sauce and smooth dried chilli flakes if you like heat.


Drizzle the pumpkin seeds in a little oil, use a sunflower oil here rather than olive oil. Then sprinkle over the spices until thoroughly coated.


Bake spread out on a tray at 140C, gas mark 1 for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.


When ready, either eat warm or leave to cool. Great on their own as a snack.


Toasted nuts

Nuts are packed full of protein and a great snack to boost energy.  They’re also great to eat as they are, but toasting them will really bring out their nutty flavour.


Simply add the nuts to a dry pan on a medium heat and allow to warm through, turning regularly.  They’re great as a simple snack, or take things up a notch. Crisp up some streaky bacon and chop into chunks, toast some pecans and chop into chunks, then toss in a little maple syrup or brown sugar and roast for a couple of minutes for a sticky salty snack. Be careful though, some people are very allergic to nuts, so check before offering them around.


Home-made trail mix

Trail mix is such a great snack.  You can make a whole batch and add it to zip-lock bags ready to keep in your pocket.


You can use both the spiced pumpkin seeds and the toasted nuts made above, but also add in dried fruits like apricots or cranberries, chocolate coated raisins, toasted oats and also popcorn.


Popcorn, unsalted, is a great addition adding both texture and crunch. You can add in whatever nuts and seeds you want to create a mix of salty, sweet and crunchy.  This gives the kids a great protein packed snack that stops them reaching for crisps.