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How to get the best from your ‘Simply’ programme


If you’re going to get the best value from your ‘simply’ programme it’s important you get started as soon as possible.

Do you have any Hints & Tips from using our ‘simply’ programmes that you’d like to share with other families? Share your experience, We’d love to hear from you!

Student Support

My kids really enjoy this programme, especially the diplomas as they get certificates sent to them. They now compete on the diplomas to see who gets more certificates!!!. I will definitely recommend to a friend.

Sahidat, Dartford - April 2016
Student Support

Becky explained everything to me and now I know how to help Alice better, we will exercise more with the instructions that I received. Thank you.

Alina, Ruislip - March 2016
Student Support

I am now starting my GCSEs and thanks to you my English has improved.

Sarah, 15, London