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Remember, remember the 5th November …



Fireworks season is a great time to get creative with the kids, from baking to crafting there’s so much to keep them busy

Get creative

It’s time to get the craft box out and embrace the glitter.  The only essential here is black card, the rest is up to you.  From chalks to glitter to poster paint, create your own night sky and draw your own fireworks.


Create your building outlines out of white card (the back of a cereal box is great for this) and create the building you want to be in the foreground. The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, or other famous landmarks look wonderful.  Stick them down with low-tack double sided tape or Blu tack®.


Now’s create your fireworks using chalk, glitter or paint.  Whatever colours you want and different shapes and sizes.  Don’t hold back, the more splashes of colour the better, so your building outlines stand out.


When your artwork is dry, peel off the building templates off and see the night sky lit up.

Baking at its best

Chilly autumn days mean warming spices and desserts.  Crumble is a great dish to make with the kids and you can at least pack a big fruit punch.


Pick whatever fruit you like. Apples, blackberries, peaches or plums work well.  Cook the fruit with a little water and sugar or honey until still slightly chunky, but softened.  Add cinnamon or a pinch of ground cloves to your fruit to add that spicy taste.  Once cooked, fill the base of a large dish.


For the topping, mix equal amounts of flour with cubed butter and rub it until it looks like small breadcrumbs, then add in half the amount of sugar and mix.  Or you can add oats to give a healthy crunch.


For a great texture add in toasted flaked almonds.


Add the crumble topping to the fruit and bake for half hour in a medium oven.

Fireworks in a jar

This is such a simple idea, but so much fun.  All you’ll need is a clean jam jar, warm water, food colour and three tablespoons of vegetable oil.


Put the oil into a bowl, then drop a few drops of food colouring in and gently mix with a fork.  Fill the jar three quarters full of warm water.  Then pour in the oil mix and wait for the fireworks to happen.


This works best with lots of different colours and you can set up lots of jars to see the different fireworks going off.

Pipe-cleaner sparklers

You’ll need the longer pipe-cleaners for this and, if you can get them, the glittery ones are great.


Use one pipe-cleaner for the stick then bend others in half and place around to form a circle. Then take one more and weave around to connect the middles so they fan out. Then loop around the stick to create a fuzzy sparkler that looks great and is completely safe.


If you can’t get glittery pipe-cleaners, buy some glitter and dip the pipe-cleaners in it.


These are just a few ideas to get you started – be creative!