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Science experiments for kids

science experiment


There are so many amazing science experiments you can try with the kids using household items.  Here are some of our favourite ones.


Pencil crystals

Take the lead from a pencil and place between two saucers.  Microwave for three minutes.  Carefully remove the top saucer and crush the lead with the back of a spoon, rinse to find tiny crystals have been made!  Carbon in lead crystallises and tuns into a diamond!


Rock crystals

Place a rock in a microwavable glass filled with water.  Make sure the rock is submerged.  Microwave for three minutes.


Carefully remove the glass from the microwave and wait, the rock should crack open and inside will be crystals! Crystals form in rock gas bubbles!


Remember not to go with too big a rock, so it can be submerged in the water.


Try different rocks you find on the beach and see what crystals form.


Make glass from sand

Next time you’re at the beach, take home a bucket full of sand as well as the rocks for the crystal experiment.  Lay out a layer of sand on a heatproof area – outside on an old paving slab works well.


Pour water over the sand then heat with a blow torch (we told you science was fun) until the sand looks burnt.  Leave to cool and move the burnt bits around to see that glass has formed underneath! Rinse the glass particles and stack like crystals.


Make jewellery from salt and water

We love this one.  Simply take a saucepan and fill with half water and half salt.  Boil the two together.  Then, pour into a glass.


Attach a piece of wool to a pencil and balance the pencil over the glass with the wool dangling into the water.  Leave until cool and watch the crystals start to form on the wool!


Once a large crystal has formed, attach it to an earring hook and voilà, crystal earrings or a great pendant!  You can even paint the crystal if you want.


Make a toy parachute

Take a small toy, nothing too heavy, a small pony or car would be great.  Then, using an old plastic bag, cut out a circle.  Make sure there aren’t any holes in it.


Take a paper cup and punch four toles in the top, attach four pieces of string around 12cm in length.  Tie these onto your plastic bag to make the parachute.


Put your toy in the cup and launch from the bedroom window to see how far your toy will fly.