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Student Support Regional Locations

Student Support Centre – Midlands Office

Student Support Centre – Southern Office

Student Support Centre – London Office

Student Support Centre – Cheshire Office

Student Support Centre – Essex Office


What we do?

The Student Support Centre’s team of professional Course Advisors visit families right throughout the UK. Once selected, our initial training takes the form of a regional in-house 9-day training course conducted by a nominated qualified trainer. Upon completion of the course and the required standards met, you will be ready to visit families to demonstrate our ‘simply’ maths, English and reading tuition programmes and give advice in relation to using our ‘simply’ programmes.

You will never be expected to persuade or convince parents on the suitability of our ‘simply’ programmes for their family, as this is strictly a decision only they can make! Your task will be to purely conduct some short assessments and to explain, clearly and accurately, how our ‘simply’ programmes work. The decision to enrol will always be made by the parents as and when they wish to make it.

Our unique customer-oriented marketing, the majority of which is through schools, means that The Student Support Centre undertakes to contact interested families only, who have provided their contact details specifically to receive further information. The Student Support Centre operates a no cold-call policy