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Spring crafts


Spring brings with it amazing flowers and the chance to get back outside.  This is a great time to gather natural materials with the kids and get crafting

Flower pressing

The Spring flowers are amazing, a range of colours, smells and textures make them great for pressing to create pretty cards and pictures to keep forever.


A somewhat lost art, flower pressing is a great activity to do with the kids.  You can buy kits online, which contain the press and the paper.  Or you can just use a craft paper and a stack of bricks or books to press the flowers and allow them to dry.


Simply pick your flowers and ensure they’re clean.  Lay them out on your craft paper, add another piece on top and press between heavy books, bricks or as part of the kit.

Sand art

Pop to the beach if it’s within a reasonable distance or use a bag of kid safe sand.


Take a range of bowls and add some of sand to each, then drop in a few drops of food dye and mix it up until the sand is coloured evenly.  Allow to dry, then get creative.


Sprinkle the sand onto a large tray and create amazing pictures.  Use forks to create lines, brushes to move it around and a spray bottle of water to spray the sand and make it more pliable and able to build castles.


Remember to cover the floor or, better still, get the kids to work out in the garden on a sunny day.

Dig and discover

This is such a great activity that will keep the kids busy for hours!


You’ll need an old baby bath, paddling pool or sandpit.  Fill it with sand, then get some glass beads (the type you used to put at the bottom of a candle jar). You can use a different colour for each child.


Sprinkle them into the sand and bury them. Then equip the kids with a bucket and a spade and get digging. You can also hide toys, dinosaurs, cars, dolls or toy animals.


As well as a bucket and spade give them paint brushes to sweep the sand off the items, as if they’re precious artefacts.

Pasta necklaces

An oldie but a goodie.  Take different shaped pasta and add to a bowl.  Use lots of different sizes, shapes and textures.  Then give the kids paint and a paintbrush and let them get creative.


Once they’ve painted all the pasta, leave it to dry in the sun.  You can also add some sparkle with glitter glue or add some pva and dip in different glitter.  To seal, use a clear varnish or a clear nail varnish.


Then take wool or string and thread the pasta on to it.  Tie your necklace at the ends and wear with lots of bold colours.