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Student Support Centre sponsors Innovative and Creative Literacy Award at Educate Awards 2016

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The Student Support Centre is delighted to have been invited to sponsor the Innovative & Creative Literacy award at next week’s Educate Awards in Liverpool’s impressive Anglican Cathedral

The Innovative and Creative Literacy Award asks schools to show “how and what the school has done to develop effective and innovative approaches to embedding the development of literacy skills across all levels of learning”. It’s looking for shining examples of excellent reading and writing practice and real innovation that engages the whole school with measured successes and outcomes.

At The Student Support Centre we know that helping children learn to read and write is a joint effort between schools, teachers and parents, working together in concert to support and develop reading and writing skills in children. But all children learn at different rates and for those with challenges such as dyslexia, the learning processes can take longer for some than others.

But in the daily hustle and bustle of family life, schools and their teachers and support staff can often be the unsung heroes of children’s lives, providing the inspiration and guidance that sets children on the path to success.

Creating a climate in school where all children are supported and encouraged to learn to read and write and to maintain that development, from early reading and writing of basic things such as their name, right through to GSCE level writing, is a key part of ensuring that literacy levels are improved across the whole country and all communities.

This is the first year that The Student Support Centre has been invited to sponsor an award at the Educate Awards. Working with thousands of schools across the UK, we know how hard schools work for their children, so we were so excited to be invited.

Schools are the development ground for all young people right across the UK. These formative years are so important for giving children the best life skills possible, to enable them to meet the challenges of the modern world and succeed in the competitive global environment that we all increasingly face and everyone present should be proud of what they have achieved.

But these awards are not just about celebrations and champagne on the night, important thought that recognition is.

Celebrating the achievements of schools across the North West at Educate Awards and demonstrating how schools are doing a great job for all children is important. It helps to ensure that those schools who are doing things well are not just celebrated at the awards, but brought to the attention of other schools who may be grappling with similar issues and who will be inspired to go that extra mile, or even to call the winners and ask for their advice”.

So coming together as an education community in the wider North West to celebrate the efforts and achievements of all those schools shortlisted, not just the winners on the night, is a vital showcase for how our schools are addressing the modern world’s challenges for their children and The Student Support Centre are proud to have been invited to join the sponsors of this important awards”.

Dr Andrew Hobbs, Marketing Director, The Student Support Centre