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Check out these stories from students living near you!

More than 200,000 children have used The Student Support Centre to help them improve their maths, English and reading. Children who have problems with these subjects can benefit from home tutoring that the Simply programmes provide.

In this section you will find a selection of testimonials, reviews, quotes and feedback that we have received over the many years that our simply programmes have been running.

If you have any problems, please see our FAQ page.

We’re always delighted to hear how you are getting on with your ‘simply’ programme so, if you’re a current user, please feel free to get in touch and let us know!

“The Student Support Centre has helped me a lot. I’ve stayed in the second top set at school but I’ve got much better at it. In my last school report my teacher said I’ve been doing very well at school and if I kept it up I may just get in the top group in year 5 when I move up. I’m finding English way easier, the same with mathematics, I just need to get better with spelling. I want to say a big thank you to the whole of The Student Support Centre, not only from me, but from everyone who is doing this course.”

Maggie Peek (9) Brighton

“I would like to thank The Student Support Centre for all their help. Me and my family really appreciate all your help. Without you we wouldn’t be able to understand maths and English, and by we I mean my sister and me. We used to not like maths and English but now we met The Student Support Centre all our problems are solved.

Because of The Student Support Centre I have more confidence. Working with The Student Support Centre has improved my levels in both subjects. The Student Support Centre is a really good way to help children in maths and English. The lessons are helping me really well. The programme has helped me in my school work and I also enjoy learning. I think learning is really fun. I would like to finish this letter by giving The Student Support Centre a big thank you to their enormous work. Thank you once again.”

Tracy Owusu-Ansah (13) Bedford


“I am writing this letter to let you know how I am getting on. My family are so proud of me and my school report. Most improved is my maths, I am above the national standard and I have achieved an outstanding result. I really enjoy my extra maths with Student Support, I know this has made a huge difference with my school work. I also have a better understanding in English, especially with my written work. Thank you for helping me achieve what I have done so far.”

Shay O’Flaherty (10) Bedfordshire


“A first I thought maths was really boring and a waste of time. Now that I am studying with you, I have changed my mind. I am very grateful to you for all your hard work in helping me. I am now much more confident that before and I think you are Number 1.”

Katherine M (8) Peterborough


“I have made lots of progress in my school work over the last 18 months. I have really improved in my year 3 maths, partly because I had a great teacher this year and partly because I have been using The Student Support Centre.”

Katie W Tonbridge, Kent


“I am really enjoying my home study and it is really helping with my schoolwork. I think the programme is great and since I started, my grades have improved and I have been taken out of special needs.”

Emma C (11) Luton, Beds


“This has really helped me improve my maths and my English, and receiving the diploma certificates has been really exciting to see what I have achieved, even though it has meant a lot of laminating! The check-ups are doing practically everything we are doing in school. Our maths teacher goes over everything a lot so we know exactly what every part is, so when I go home and do a check-up, it usually is what we have done in school that day. I think this course is really helpful, and very good.”

C Butler, Craigavon