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Do you wish you had more time to ride your BMX? Or listen to your favourite tunes?


Whether you’re into music, sport, pets or reading we all wish we had more time to spend on the fun activities and less time struggling with homework!

Looking for more time?

We’ve designed our ‘simply’ programmes to fit around your timetable, we recommend that you only watch one or at the most two DVD lessons a week which means you’ll still have time to fit in your homework and continue to enjoy after school activities!

Are you too embarrassed to ask for help at school?

Our ‘simply’ maths, English and reading programmes can help you catch up with the subjects that you’re struggling with in school and you can do it in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Do you struggle to concentrate at school?

The best part about our ‘simply’ programmes is that all the lessons are supplied on DVD’s, which means that if you find it difficult to concentrate you can pause, rewind and watch the lesson again and again and each lesson only lasts between 5 and 20 minutes!

Has your confidence been affected by your school grades?

Nearly every student struggles with one subject at school, whether you’re struggling with maths, English or reading it’s always hard to stay confident when you find a subject difficult to understand.

Using our ‘simply’ programmes will help you get on top of your difficult subjects and help you perform better in school.

Every ‘simply’ programme we provide comes with The Ladder of Success chart. You can use this wall chart to keep track of your progress and you will soon start to build your confidence up again when you start climbing up the ladder!

Do you want to improve your grades at school?

Whatever the reason, The Student Support Centre is here to help you with your maths tuition, English tuition and reading tuition. If you want help with keeping up with your friends or you are trying to improve your grades at school then our ‘simply’ programmes can help you learn with a virtual private tutor on your TV / DVD player / PC in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Our ‘simply’ programmes provide home-based tuition and support for children aged between 4 and 17 and may be a more cost effective alternative to an 11 plus tutor or GCSE tutors.

Student Support

Our maths teacher, Miss Osborne, goes over everything a lot so we know exactly what every part is, so when I go home and do a check-up, it usually is what we have done in school that day. I think this course is really helpful, and very good.

Caroline, Craigavon - April 2016
Student Support

This package is superb, it is set out at a comfortable pace and is taught in a simplified manner. There were some early building blocks that our children had missed due to changes within the school, this was causing issues as the topics got more advanced. In only six weeks we could see the gaps starting to be filled and have already had positive feedback from the school.

Jason, Stevenage - April 2016
Student Support

Good learning from the DVD lessons. It's easy for the kids to understand and the workbooks are very useful too

Sabina, Bangor - April 2016