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Thousands of successes with Diplomas every year

Every week hundreds of students sit online Diplomas in maths & English, provided by our partner company, Educational Backup Services.

In the last 12 months, over 18,000 of our students who sat these Diplomas have achieved in a pass and a personalised certificate for each one has been sent directly to the student.

Have you taken a Diploma recently?

Have a look at the Maths & English Diploma pass lists for our students, provided by Educational Backup Services, to see your name if you have recently passed a Diploma, or to see if anyone else you know is on the list.


MasterMinds Maths passes 29-06-2016


MasterMinds English passes 29-06-2016


To see your name on Masterminds:

  • If you are already an Educational Backup student – go to your learning system and take a Diploma


  • If you are not currently an Educational Backup student – contact us here or call us on 0800 999 6 999 to see if our products could help you improve your maths & English.
Student Support

This programme is ideal for my son as he is disabled and would be unlikely to find a tutor with an accessible house so this suits us perfectly. He an go at his own pace and feel confident in his understanding in lessons in school

Joanne, Liverpool
Student Support

So far the courses supplied have been very helpful in explaining some aspects of maths the children either didn't fully understand or had completely missed at school

Ian, Biggleswade
Student Support

It's really good way to keep children on track for regular education

Mohammad, London
Student Support

The course is brilliant and the children enjoy doing it. Easy to follow and understand and excellent support provided

John, St Helens