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Our Top 10 Revision Tips


1. Create A Revision Space – Find a quiet space to work in, if you haven’t got a regular space in your home then ask your parents if you can create one, it should be quiet and uncluttered.

2. Make A Timetable & Revision Plan – Draw up a timetable and divide it into two columns and label each column Day and Time and fill in the subjects you need to revise so you know what and when you should be revising. This will help you stay on track and keep focused.

3. Play your ‘simply’ programme DVD  – Use your ‘simply’ programme DVDs as a revision tool to re-visit lessons and go over what you learnt in school.

4. Use Sticky Notes – Find key phrases that you need to remember and write them down on sticky notes. You can then place the notes in different areas to help you remember throughout the day.

5. Look At Old Exam Papers – You can ask your teacher for past exam papers or look for examples on dedicated websites. This is important as it will prepare you for what to expect on the day.

6. Remember What You Learn  – Write yourself some relevant questions and answers to find out how much information you are learning and remembering.

7. Record Yourself – Use a dictaphone or any recording device to record your notes so that you can play them wherever you are.

8. Ask for Help – If you are struggling then speak to your teacher at school or ask someone you can trust to help you and give you advice.

9. Look After Your Brain – Take regular breaks, a five-minute break every half-hour for you to stretch your legs is far better than a 30 minute break after five hours’ revision. Get up, make a drink, tidy your room, check the post – you’ll come back refreshed and ready to carry on. These breaks will also help you absorb the information and avoid overload.

10. Try to Relax & Take Timeout – It’s normal to be nervous before sitting your exams. The more prepared you feel, the easier it will be to conquer your fears. Don’t be tempted to start cramming in last minute revision the night before, if you plan early you will remember more and panic less! Try including a fun activity in your revision plan twice or three times a week in order to take your mind off things and have a healthy meal and an early night the evening before!

Student Support

This package is superb, it is set out at a comfortable pace and is taught in a simplified manner. There were some early building blocks that our children had missed due to changes within the school and this was causing issues as the topics got more advanced. In only six weeks we could see the gaps starting to be filled and have already had positive feedback from the school.

Jason, Stevenage - April 2016
Student Support

My daughter is making progress with The Student Support Centre and I would recommend it to anyone who has children in primary school & wants them to do well

Caroline, Oldham - April 2016