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Hi there and welcome to PassMasters

At the moment we are completely redesigning the PassMasters e-zine, so there isn’t a lot here just now.

So we would like to know what you would like to see in the new PassMasters. Do you like games, puzzles, colouring in, letters from other students telling us how much they have improved on the simply programme, cartoons or whatever you would like to see.

You can contact us here, just be sure start your message with “PassMasters” so we can spot it quickly.


But while you are doing that and helping us to develop the site you want, here are a couple of things for you to do.


A-mazing fun

Mazes are one of the oldest type of puzzles. They date back to ancient times and were found in Egypt as far back as the 5th Century. They can come in many forms including mosaics on floors, turf mazes in fields and hedge mazes.

In the UK there are lots of mazes in all sorts of forms, but perhaps the best known one is the giant hedge maze at Hampton Court – Click here to find out more about Hampton Court Maze


Here is a maze for you to explore




  1. Starting in the entrance at the top left hand corner, firstly see how many ways you can find to the exit half way down the right hand side.
  2. Then work out what is the longest path you can find through the maze. You can come out either where you started or at the other exit.

[Hint: print the maze out and use different coloured pencils to find different routes]





Colouring Competition



I’m sure you have noticed that lots of adults have taken up colouring recently.

It was the big craze for grown-ups in 2015 and books appeared all over the place. Maybe your Mum or Dad even had one for Christmas?

Well, we didn’t see why grown-ups should have all the fun, so we have found a great drawing for you to colour in too.

PassMasters Wolf for Colouring

For the chance to win one of 2 prizes of £20 WHSmith Vouchers or iTunes Vouchers, print off this picture and colour it in.

We will award £20 to the two best versions. One for ages 4 – 7 and one for ages 8 – 16.

So get colouring and send your coloured in pictures to: PassMasters, The Student Support Centre, 46 Church Avenue, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 1DT with your name and address and how old you are.

Or you can scan your entry if you have  colour scanner and uplaod it using our Entry Form at the bottom of this page.

We’ll publish the 2 we think are the best entries in the next PassMasters in March. Get colouring!

Have fun while we are developing the new PassMasters site

See you in March


PassMasters Entries

PassMasters Entries
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