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Keep track of your progress

Every student on the programme receives one or more Ladder of Success wall charts when their ‘simply’ programme is delivered to their home.

The Ladders of Success will help to keep track of progress while using the ‘simply’ maths, English and reading programmes. Filling in the steps of the ladder is a visual measure of success and will help to keep everyone focused and motivated.

Tips on using your Ladders of Success

Most students will have the A2 wall chart which will help them to track their progress through their maths and English grammar programme.

  • When you receive your ‘simply’ programme it will tell you which part and volume each child should start from. First find the ‘starting stage’ for each child.
  • Each child should start their ‘simply’ maths programme by watching lesson one on their ‘starting stage’ DVD.  When they are ready they should attempt the exercises for the lesson and – if they get 90% correct – fill in the rung on the ladder for that lesson. (You can put the mark or a star or even a smiley face – it’s up to you).
  • If the starting stage is Volume one then they should work all the way through the DVD to the end before starting any other work but if it is Volume two or three you will see that they are side by side. That means that they can jump from one ladder to the other doing some number work and then some space and space. Where the ladders are side by side they can work up or across but they must still complete every lesson achieving 90% before they watch the next lesson.
  • If they have ‘simply’ English grammar as part of their ‘simply’ programme, they can go sideways from maths to English in just the same way.

If your child also has ‘simply’ English composition and comprehension they will have a smaller Ladder of Success for English to fill in rather that the grammar ladders on the big chart. It works in exactly the same way. They should work their way up the ladders lesson by lesson except where they are side by side. Then they can go across as well as up.

The ‘simply’ reading Ladder of Success

The reading Ladder of Success comes with little owl stickers which can be used to show how many sounds your child knows. You will have to make your own decision when to give them an owl. They should be able to recognise the sound and say it correctly.


Remember only fill in the wall chart when you achieve 90% or more for a lesson!

Student Support

Not all children progress at the same rate. Sometimes children need a little helping hand. This programme is that helping hand.