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Hear what schools and professionals have to say

More than 200,000 children have used The Student Support Centre to help them improve their maths, English and reading.

In this section you will find a selection of testimonials, reviews, quotes and feedback that we have received over the many years that our simply programmes have been running.

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We’re always delighted to hear how you are getting on with your ‘simply’ programme so, if you’re a current user, please feel free to get in touch and let us know!

“The Student Support Centre deserves great credit for providing a practical means by which parents can become more fully involved in supporting their children’s learning.

The Centre appears to understand the crucial role parents can play in supporting learning and the potential they have to make a significant contribution to raising standards.”

Dr John Thorp, B.Phil, M.Ed and Ph.D, School Inspector, LEA Adviser and Former Headteacher.

“A strong point of the programme is that it is not stressful. Students can work at their own speed and the explanation of each step is such that learning is bound to be successful”.

“I am very happy to endorse this programme. It covers all those aspects of English grammar, spelling and punctuation, which frequently appear as weaknesses in students’ writing in GCSE English.”

Tony Parkinson B.A. (Cantab) Dip.Ed. Former GCSE committee member and writer of examination syllabuses.


“The course supports the school work but with a different style and approach and it can work with the learner in a way that the practicalities of the school do not allow, in particular the high degree of control that the learners have over their own schedule and progress.”

Brian Dyer BA (Hons.) M.Ed. Principal Examiner for English and language examinations


“The home study mathematics programme is an excellent idea and extremely well done.

The combination of watching and hearing a lesson on DVD, seeing the same lesson in the text book, followed by an exercise which ensures the student’s participation, is very good indeed.

The ability to replay any part of the lesson as many times as necessary and at a time of the student’s choosing is a wonderful bonus not available in the classroom or after a private tutor has left.”

Margaret Johnson BSc, (Hons) Principal Examiner for several examination Boards both at GCSE & A Level Reviewer of mathematics textbooks for Oxford University Press & Cambridge University Press



“The mathematics home study programme is a highly structured course.The programme is not designed as an alternative to school but as a structured course to revise and consolidate work which has already been taught.

Given this, The Student Support Centre mathematics programme is very effective in what it aims to achieve”

Dr John Searl Director of Edinburgh Centre for Mathematics Education


“Many schools have already sent out information to their parents from a company called The Student Support Centre. This company devises educational programmes for students studying at home.

I have been asked as to whether I would be willing to distribute information on behalf of The Student Support centre concerning their programmes on English and mathematics.

I have not only looked at the material, I asked the company to give an afternoon’s demonstration to a family. I have to say that I was very impressed with the approach and material on offer, to such an extent that I will buy the books and videos for school.”

AR Lovatt BSc (Hons) Vale County First & Middle School