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Hear what parents and carers have to say

More than 200,000 children have used The Student Support Centre to help them improve their maths, English and reading.

In this section you will find a selection of testimonials, reviews, quotes and feedback that we have received over the many years that our simply programmes have been running.

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We’re always delighted to hear how you are getting on with your ‘simply’ programme so, if you’re a current user, please feel free to get in touch and let us know!

“Our daughter Georgina: whilst she was not falling behind at school with regards to her maths she  was  lacking in confidence. As soon as she started on the Student Support Center programme we noticed a very definite change in her attitude to maths. She became more confident  and from being reticent to tackle any maths soon undertook the exercises on her own . This we attribute to the very clear teaching which came from the dvd`s and the fact that if she didn`t understand something all she had to do was to play the video until she did understand it   without the stigma of having to admit this to a classroom of her peers. The small bite sized lessons and exercises also helped in that they could be quickly learnt and carried out between arriving home from school and sitting down to our evening meal. All in all well woth the investment.”

Mr and Mrs Leggott, Beckingham


“This course has renewed our sons confidence in himself and gained him a step up in Maths Set for entering 3rd Year, you can not imagine the smile on his face when he told us he had achieved this. Thank you, thank you. With this course and the dedicated team behind the scenes, you achieved the greatest thing a parent could want for their child, happiness and self worth…..amazing!!!”

S Henderson, Peterlee


“My son Oscar really loves learning through the programme and finds the DVD lesson very helpful before trying to tackle the lessons. Oscar finds this easier to concentrate on rather than school! I have noticed an improvement in his basic skills already and we have only been using the programme for around 6 weeks. “

M Lindfield, Eastbourne


” Friendly and helpful staff. The course has been great for my son who is starting his SATS soon. The course has helped him to understand the concepts of the subjects and has increased his confidence.”

K Watson, Chesterfield


“Thank you for this programme. I now have a structure in place for supporting to check the learning progress of my child.”

B Osoro, Wandsworth


“This package is superb, it is set out at a comfortable pace and is taught in a simplified manner. There were some early building blocks that our children had missed due to changes within the school, this was causing issues as the topics got more advanced. In only six weeks we could see the gaps starting to be filled and have already had positive feedback from the school. Our children are more confident and are now starting to enjoy the lessons they had previously struggled with. Well worth the time and money!”

J Caplen, Stevenage


“If I knew about it 3 years ago my children would have improved a lot. In fact, I have also benefited from it so far.Very great and Fun-Tastic !”

A Zakari, Dundee


“My family and I were unsure how best to help our daughter. We could see there were gaps in her knowledge once she started secondary school and thought her primary school had let us down. But not knowing the curriculum as parents made it very difficult for us to support. The secondary school suggested student support as an alternative to having a tutor. We had a home visit from one of the advisors and with a perfect demonstration felt that this was the right method for supporting our daughter. Not just because of the work she would be doing but also how easy it is as a parent to stay involved. This course could not have come at a better time for us and after 6 months use our daughters school are already commenting on how much more improved and confident our daughter and her work has become.”

R Morley, Croydon


“I am glad I bought the programme. I feel involved in my child’s education and I know what she is learning. I think it is a fantastic tool for children to learn especially children with parents where English is not their first language.”

S Cisse, Bromley


“The programme was explained in great detail guiding us through the process so that we fully understood it. I was also impressed with the advisor as I felt he was not just there to sell a product, but to genuinely demonstrate how the programme could help my daughter. He also explained that the programme does not work for everybody and he had to be sure we were making the correct choice and not investing in a progamme that would not be used. The people I have spoken to over the phone have been very friendly and enthusiastic. I am left with a feeling of a company wanting to genuinely help rather than just take our money – thank you.”

G Mays, Surrey


“Since we started the programme my son made a huge progress and he is enjoying it. Thank you very much”

Q Bagla Pa Bunhe, London



“Our son Robbie only started the programme earlier this year. To date we feel it is being very helpful to him in revising material he has covered in the past. It will also we hope help him improve his confidence, morale and writing skills, which due to being dyslexic can be a problem for him at times. All the student support staff and educational back up personnel have been very helpful and approachable and we appreciate the follow up calls.”

A Anderson, Northumberland


“I am writing once more to thank you for all of your help and support. Following her exceptional GSCE results, Anne has attained As for A-level. Her final subjects were mathematics, English and History. As you know we are especially pleased with her achievement in mathematics. Your positive attitude had a long-term influence on Anne’s outlook and confidence. Thank you for providing such confidence and inspiration…and for making such a positive difference in Anne’s life.”

Mr and Mrs Mainwaring, Stratford-upon-Avon


“For the amount of time we as a family have had this programme, its been amazing most especially for my kid. It has somehow brought out a willingness to learn mostly just with mathematics. A major plus is his chart with stickers which displays his progress. Thank you to the learning support team for all of your added help.”

E Upaka, Leigh


“I am pleased to advise that Helen achieved a grade B pass, a result with which both Helen and I are delighted. This looked an unlikely outcome some 20 months ago, when Helen started the maths programme with The Student Support Centre.”


Mr. Tomlinson, Merseyside


“My son has been on the programme for about 18 months and thankfully, with the help of your programme, he managed to achieve a grade B in his GCSE last summer.”

Mr C Hanworth, Middlesex


“For me and my three boys, I find The Student Support Centre scheme is helping us already. It helps them to understand that they are not alone and there is always a DVD to go back to, over and over again.”

Mrs Atwal, Littleover, Derby


“We just wanted to say a big thank you. Our daughter Niamh has been working with The Student Support Centre for several months now and it is really helping! She is also helping her little brother with his work. Many thanks.”

Martin and Jane, Ayrton


“My daughter is making progress with The Student Support Centre and I would recommend it to anyone who has children in primary school & wants them to do well.”

C Dale, Oldham


“So glad to have found this program. My 7-year old struggles with reading and spelling as well as maths. Even before this program we had been doing lot of home revision but without the proper knowledge of how is each subject taught at school. Now we have a routine and although battle little to get the lesson started, we do it and she is improving and feels more confident. Thank you :)”

P Fowles, Wigan


“Jessica is enjoying the programme and is delighted when she gets 100% in her exercises. The support that we are getting is very good and I like the regular phone calls to check that all is OK.”

C McBride, Stevenage



“My son is enjoying doing the work and gets most of the questions correct.”  

S Broadbent, Bradford


“My kids really enjoy this programme, especially the diplomas as they get certificates sent to them. They now compete on the diplomas to see who gets more certificates!!!. I will definitely recommend to a friend.” 

Sahidat, Dartford


“Friendly and helpful staff. The course has been great for my son who is starting his SATS soon. The course has helped him to understand the concepts of the subjects and has increased his confidence.”

K Middleton, Chesterfield



“Dorothy is doing well with her reading, maths and English. She has improved considerably. Thanks to student support. I will definitely recommend this programme for any parents whose children are weak in these three areas.”

D Adjonyoh, Swindon


“We are thrilled with the positive effect The Student Support Centre has had on our son Phillip. His teachers have noticed a marked improvement.”

Mr and Mrs Ramsey, Cambridgeshire.