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The Countdown to Nalitabari Begins

Next week two members of staff from The Student Support Centre, UK’s largest home tuition The Student Support Centre’s Marketing Manager preparing for their trip to Nalitabari, Bangladeshprovider, will head off on a week’s visit to Nalitabari in northern Bangladesh. During the week, they will visit a number of projects which have benefited from donations from the company. They will also use the visit as an opportunity to see where further donations are needed.


The Student Support Centre’s staff members will be accompanied by representatives from the company’s chosen charity, World Vision, and video production company Vivid who will be capturing footage of the work World Vision has done in the local Nalitabari community. Sponsored family from the Nalitabari Education Project


The team has a gruelling agenda for the week, visiting different projects and speaking to community leaders, families and local teachers. But it’s not all hard work and no play. Darren Tye, UK Operations Manager at The Student Support Centre, is planning on using his football expertise to coach the children of Nalitabari. As dedicated Chairman of Outwoods Football Club as well as an FA qualified coach, Darren hopes to run coaching sessions during his trip and will also be donating kits for the children to use.


To read the full story visit The Student Support Centre’s World Vision blog.