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The Student Support Centre Celebrates National Bike Week

The Student Support Centre’s ‘Pass Masters’ online magazine celebrates National Bike Week

Next Monday sees the start of National Bike Week (19th June – 27th June 2010) and Britain will be going bike crazy! Every year, National Bike Week offers people all over the UK the chance to get involved in all sorts of cycling events in their local areas. The aim of the week is to make people aware of the many benefits of cycling and to ‘make everyday cycling for everyone’. Cycling offers the chance to make new friends, get some fresh air, get fit and see new places you wouldn’t normally see on your way to school or work, plus it’s much kinder to the environment!

Lots of fun events will be taking place all over the UK, such as ‘Bike to Work’ days and ‘Cycle Skills Training’ as well as cycling barbeques and picnics. In some areas you can even have your bike safety checked for free. National Bike Week also has plenty of celebrity supporters including Victoria Pendleton (British Olympic and World Track Cyclist), fashion designer Giles Deacon and TV presenter Dawn Porter, who are also auctioning their bikes in order to raise awareness of the Week.
Cycling is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to get around – to the shops, school, library or to visit friends – and is also an excellent way to exercise. Now it’s exam time it’s especially important to get out and about, exercising your body as well as your brain. Taking up cycling is also one step further to a greener future for all of us, which is an issue The Student Support Centre is keen to support (highlighted by the recent transfer of The Student Support Centre’s educational magazine ‘Pass Masters’ from print to online).



For all of these reasons and more, Pass Masters will this year be offering one lucky reader the chance to win their very own bike.  Students enrolled with The Student Support Centre need to visit Pass Masters online in order to look out for and enter this fantastic competition, as well as check out Pass Masters’ other features such as homework help, the latest games, students’ letters and other fun competitions to enter.
For more information about National Bike Week please visit:



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