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The Student Support Centre To Climb Ben Nevis!

Adventurous employees from The Student Support Centre are preparing themselves to climb Ben Nevis on Friday 27th August.


The team will be raising money for global charity World Vision. The money raised will go directly towards the Nalitabari Elephant Deterrent Project in Nalitabari, Bangladesh. Each year wild elephants attack Nalitabari and the surrounding villages, causing devastating damage. To date, 30 family homes have been destroyed.


The communities here are very poor and have limited access to resources to prevent these attacks. Up until now, communities have tried using burning torches to ward off elephants; however these have had a very limited affect.  As a result of the most recent attacks villagers in the area are staying awake at night to try and protect the village from further attacks. The Project will fund specialist lights which will deter elephants from entering the villages.


Wild elephants causing devastating damage in Nalitabari, BangladeshSo far the team have been pledged £500 from friends, families and suppliers and hope to raise as much as possible to help the villagers of Nalitabari.


General Manager of The Student Support Centre (Scotland), Peter Lightbody, came up with the idea: ‘At 4,406 ft, climbing Ben Nevis is not going to be easy but we’re all up for the challenge. We’re all climbing novices but I’m pretty confident that we’ll succeed. We’re going to have a lot of fun as well as raising money for an important cause. I just hope it doesn’t rain!’


Peter says that the challenge ‘has been a great team-building exercise – it’s created some healthy rivalry and competition in the office which I’m sure will help spur us on. It’s certainly going to be a long day for the team, who will be leaving the office at 6am in the morning. They’ll also be taking Nellie the cuddly elephant up with them for moral support and to remind them of their challenge!’


Published in the Perthshire Advertiser by Johnathon Menzies.

About The Student Support Centre:

The Student Support Centre opened its doors in 1991 and has since become the largest provider of home-based tuition programmes with 9 regional offices across the UK.


Their ‘simply’ programmes provide home-based tuition and support for children aged between 4 and 17 and may be a more cost effective alternative to private tutors for learning maths, English and reading. They have been designed to mirror the way in which children are taught in schools based on the Curriculum of Excellence requirements and use the teaching methods currently recommended for use in schools.


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About World Vision:

World Vision is a global charity which works to make a serious and sustainable impact on poverty and its causes, especially those which affect children. World Vision is committed to long-term change, which means connecting people. Whether it’s enabling people in developing communities to support each other, or linking donors to those in need through child sponsorship, or creating networks to campaign for justice, we believe that getting people connected is the best way to make a difference.