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Things to do for family weekends

family picnic


With the weather starting to make a turn for the better and having just had the warmest February on record, now’s the time to get those family weekends booked in and start exploring.

What’s on?

Social media and, of course, The Primary Times are a great way to get your weekends planned in.  With what’s on guides online, most local areas have their own Facebook page and even schools list regional events in the newsletter, making it easier than ever to find things to do.


March is traditionally the season of baby animals, with fields being littered with lambs.  Lots of local farms will run events where you can meet and feed the lambs.  Keep an eye on your local social pages to see when lambing starts and if your local farm is open to the public.  You can also look at the larger, more commercial farms and activity parks, but these can be more expensive.

Discounts and promotions

If you’ve been hankering after a trip to a theme park, zoo or aquarium, but they are a bit expensive, especially if there’s several people going, sign up to the company’s newsletter.  Quite often they’ll run seasonal offers.  Also keep an eye on cereal brands to see if they offer a buy-one-get-one-free offer.


Check HotUKDeals to see if there’s a code and of course, check dates.  Quite often prices will go up and down throughout the year, depending on whether it’s high season or not.  Usually, all the school holidays will be high season, but what about non-pupil days?  These tend to differ county to county and even school to school.  By going at a non-peak time, you can save as much as half on admission prices. You can also get cheaper accommodation, meaning it’s easier to make a day of it, or even get two days for the price of one.


Tesco Clubcard points are also a godsend when buying attraction tickets and can more than halve the total cost for a day out.  Check out other loyalty cards too for offers.

For free or almost free

Days out with the family don’t have to cost anything.  With more and more country parks popping up, park runs, skate parks and even your local park, simply pack up a picnic and get outside.  It’s about being together, not what you spend.  If you always visit the local park, map out one you could bike to and take a picnic, or find one with a local coffee shop on the way where you can have a treat as well.


Park Runs are a great way for the whole family to get involved, exercise and have fun.   They’re also really social, so a great way to get a bunch of you together and rope in aunts and uncles to come along as well.


If you’re lucky enough to be near the coast, visiting early on in the year is a great chance to make the most of the beach without the crowds.  Take buckets with you and fill them with unusual stones and shells.  Take flasks of hot chocolate and blankets and sit together with a picnic.  Or have a cheeky portion of chips.


Toast marshmallows on a real fire. There is nothing better than a roasted marshmallow, the smell and the sticky sweet taste with the burnt outside. Even better when sandwiched between chocolate biscuits. Light a fire, safely, in the garden and sit around and tell stories while toasting marshmallows, lush.