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This Trip is Starting to Give Me The Needle

Another week and another two injections, not to mention a so-called ‘flavoured’ oral medicine for cholera or was it Hepatitis A. No. Wait, B or was it the Japanese Encylathingymajig…although I’m sure the nurse said something about rabies. I think you get the point and reading Sarah’s blog I’m sure, after thirteen injections each, she’s also starting to feel like a pincushion.


It made me think that surely we’ve gone over the top? We can’t possibly need all of this protection just to visit one country for a week?


And then the unfairness of it all hit me. We’ve probably spent over two hundred pounds each on vaccines! I remember the nurse taking me through all the risks and me saying, without a second thought, “Well, even if there’s only a tiny risk, I’m probably better off having the vaccine, so what the hey…let’s go for it.”


I wonder how many lives could be saved in Bangladesh if the most basic of vaccines could be afforded! I wonder how many families have been decimated through a lack of basic health care, sanitation, clean water, hygiene etc. I hear that £200 funds one child’s tuition fees for the whole year!!


As it draws nearer I’m starting to worry that this trip is not going to be what I expected. At The Student Support Centre we’re all immensely proud of what’s been achieved already and so we should be. The money raised is already changing children’s lives for the better and providing the families of Nalitabari the resources and infrastructure to improve the quality of life for generations to come.


There’s a long way to go though and, although we’re committed for the long haul, I’m concerned that the unfairness of it all will still be a shock.


I don’t think I’ll be winging about the number of injections any more…just grateful that if my family needs help they’ll probably get it. Not so in Bangladesh I fear!