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Mark’s Blog – Visiting a World Vision Development Project

Visiting a World Vision development project is always an incredible privilege and a personal challenge. I know that I will see and experience first hand a team of dedicated World Vision National Staff that are fighting injustice and extreme child poverty on many fronts! How will I feel when we see children that have to work in despicable conditions all day when they should be receiving maths tuition in Primary School??? How will I feel if I see children that are malnourished? How will I feel when they run up to me expecting me to give them a solution to all their many problems?? I am preparing myself to experience a massive assault on my emotions and senses and in some way understand my part in bringing hope to the poorest of the poor!


We all have good and challenging days at work! Days when I receive letters from our UK supporters demonstrating their commitment to World Vision are always great days! Last week I opened several large envelopes! One was from The Student Support Centre (Essex). Thanks to Bob McIntyre and the team! One from Darshan Inman and the guys from The Student Support Centre (Yorkshire), great! And also one from Peter Lightbody, The Student Support Centre (Scotland),with their incredible Ben Nevis initiative! Not forgetting The Student Support Centre (Cheshire), who also sent us support many months ago!


World Vision UK can only transform children’s lives when we all work together as a team!  Thanks to every UK supporter that enables us to bring practical & lasting hope!