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About the programmes offered


About the ‘simply’ home-based tuition programmes

Our ‘simply’ programmes come as a series of user-friendly DVD lessons that can be watched again and again in the comfort of your own home. This means there is no pressure on your children and they can each re-visit any lesson whenever they are struggling with a particular exercise or even a lesson at school.

How do the ‘simply’ home-based tuition programmes work?

All the ‘simply’ DVDs from The Student Support Centre come with supporting textbooks for each lesson as well as exercise books and relevant learning aids and there is also an optional freephone support line with qualified teachers for extra help.

Once your children have watched a DVD lesson, they then complete one of the short exercises provided in the accompanying textbook for that lesson. You then mark the exercises using the answers we provide to enable you to watch and track their progression from start to end. This is important to help you monitor your children’s progress and to also help your children stay motivated.

Each ‘simply’ programme is based on a child’s current strengths and weaknesses and has been specifically designed by subject experts and experienced teachers to complement the lessons children are being taught in school.

Our ‘simply’ programmes can be used to go over the work your children are struggling with at school as well as helping many children to be one step ahead in maths , English and reading . The unique combination of audio-visual lessons and exercises will, if used correctly, help every child to reach their full potential.

Student Support

Not all children progress at the same rate. Sometimes children need a little helping hand. This programme is that helping hand.

John Thomson, B.Ed Hons, M.Ed, M.Sc, D.A.S.E., Headteacher
Student Support

Good learning from the DVD lessons. It's easy for the kids to understand and the workbooks are very useful too

Sabina, Llandudno - April 2016
Student Support

This is a great service and everyone I have spoken to has been great

Alison, Bolton - April 2016