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Winter craft activities

winter craft


With the weather cold, dark and often wet, the weekends give us the perfect opportunity to stay home and get your craft on.  Here are our top three Winter crafts

Stamp it

Stampers are a great way to create works of art.  Using potatoes, cut them in half to make a flat surface then create your stamp.


Start with easy things like stars or shapes. Then work up to more elaborate designs.


Bubble wrap is also a great stamp texture just dip in paint and print away.


Scrunched up tin foil, bits of scrunched up paper, pegs, forks, rollers.  Gather a whole heap of bits and bobs and get your stamp on.


Handy hint: use an old baking tray to mix your paint. It has a huge surface area, is flat and has sides so the paint won’t go everywhere.

Make your own snow globe

Who doesn’t love a snow globe?  They’re magical and kids will love making their own.


Gather old jam jars or any glass jar with a screw lid.  You’ll also need a piece of polystyrene, some water, glycerol, glitter and a scene, character or object for the glitter to fall around.


Take a small piece of polystyrene and hot glue gun it to the inside of your lid. Then stick your object into the polystyrene.  If you can anchor things on a spike it will help here, but ensure the lid is not punctured, or just use your hot glue gun.


Next, fill the jar with a mixture of water and glycerol, stir then add the glitter. Don’t fill it to the top, else when you add your object the water will come out the sides!  Screw the top back on tightly, and voila, a snow globe!


Friendship bracelets

Such a simple thing to do, but with so many colour combinations. You can add beads, charms and different textures.

The basic knot principle can be found here. There are five different styles so plenty to keep you busy.

They also make great presents, can make lovely party presents at birthday parties and a great keepsake.  If they’re really good, you could also sell them online!